The Medieval Globe, Volume 6.1 (2020)


ISBN-13: 9781641894388

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The Medieval Globe is published biannually, in both print and digital formats.

Special issue: Recreating the Medieval Globe, edited by Joseph Shack and Hannah Weaver
“Introduction,” by Joseph Shack and Hannah Weaver
“Self-Revision and the Arabic Historical Tradition: Identifying Textual Reuse and Reorganization in the Works of al-Balādhurī,” by Ryan J. Lynch
“When Curtains Fall: A Shape-Shifting Silk of the Late Abbasid Period,” by Meredyth Lynn Winter
“Salvaging Meaning: The Art of Recycling in Sino-Mongol Quanzhou, ca. 1276-1408,” by Jennifer Purtle
“Recontextualizing Indigenous Knowledge on the Prussian-Lithuanian Frontier, ca. 1380-1410,” by Patrick Meehan
“Meubles: The Ever Mobile Middle Ages,” by Elizabeth Emery
“Reflection,” by Daniel Lord Smail.