The Medieval Globe, Volume 3.1 (2017)


ISBN-13: 9781641891257
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Carol Symes

The Medieval Globe provides an interdisciplinary forum for scholars of all world areas by focusing on convergence, movement, and interdependence. Contributions to a global understanding of the medieval period (broadly defined) need not encompass the globe in any territorial sense. Rather, TMG advances a new theory and praxis of medieval studies by bringing into view phenomena that have been rendered practically or conceptually invisible by anachronistic boundaries, categories, and expectations. TMG also broadens discussion of the ways that medieval processes inform the global present and shape visions of the future.


“Gripping It by the Husk: The Medieval English Coconut,” – Kathleen E. Kennedy
“The India Trade and the Emergence of the Engagement Contract: A Cairo Geniza Study,” – Amir Ashur
“Re-examining Usama ibn Munqidh’s Knowledge of “Frankish”: A Case Study of Medieval Bilingualism during the Crusades,” – Bogdan C. Smarandache

Medieval Media Revolutions: Two Perspectives

“Medieval Media Revolutions: Editor’s Preface,” – Carol Symes
“Old Media Put to New Uses: Legal Form Books in Carolingian Europe,” – Warren C. Brown
“Notebooks (Biji) and Shifting Boundaries of Knowledge in Eleventh-Century China,” – Christian de Pee
“Medieval Media Revolutions: An Exchange,” – Warren C. Brown and Christian de Pee