The Variae of Cassiodorus and the Kingdom of the Ostrogoths: The Monument of Gothia


The Variae of Cassiodorus and the Kingdom of the Ostrogoths: The Monument of Gothia

ISBN: 9781641891431


The complex rhetoric of the letter collection of Cassiodorus – known as the Variae – and its place in the sixth century are the main foci of this monograph. Through an innovative approach, the Variae are understood as a whole: not just as a gathering of official documents but as a conscious narrative born from the contingencies of a bureaucrat who found himself between the worlds of Goths and Romans. The novelty lies not only in this conceptual reading, but also in the approximation between Cassiodorus and two different authors: Jordanes and Procopius of Caesarea. The present analysis interweaves all these figures to broaden our understanding of the hidden meanings of the Variae, unveiling a new and rich picture of the sixth century and the ephemeral but meteoric kingdom of the Ostrogoths.


Part 1. From Romania to Gothia
1. Development of Bureaucracy from the Later Roman Empire to the Ostrogothic Kingdom
2. Rhetoric and Symbolism of Late Antique Bureaucracy
3. Ostrogothic Bureaucracy and the Place of the Variae of Cassiodorus
Part 2. The Ornament of Rome
4. Letter Collections and the Specificity of the Variae
5. Production and Organisation of the Variae
6. Rhetorics and Narrative in the Variae
Part 3. Two People, One Nation
7. Cassiodorus and Jordanes
8. Cassiodorus and Procopius
9. The Variae and the Twilight of the Ostrogoths

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Otávio Luiz Vieira Pinto is a PhD candidate at the University of Leeds.

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