Digital Whiteness & Medieval Studies

Why is medieval studies so white and in what ways has the discipline been intertwined with the construction of whiteness as a category in modern discourse?


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Dorothy Kim

Why is medieval studies so white? First, this book will open up the question of why the practitioners—both scholarly and amateur—remain so pale. For instance, at the 2015 Kalamazoo International Congress on Medieval Studies, which attracted three thousand participants, the number of self-identified people of color still did not reach the threshold of one percent. This book grapples with the issue of the whiteness of medieval studies as a field, the ways in which medieval studies is complicit in the construction of the historical and critical category of whiteness, and how medievalism has become a fertile ground for white supremacists. In addition, the book asks where are the people of color in medieval studies? The book will consider why there are so few medievalists of color and why discussing people of color in the Middle Ages elicits such a violent response from the digital public.



1. Why is Medieval Studies so Pale?
2. What Happened to Global Medieval Studies?
3. Medieval Studies and the Formation of Whiteness