Confessio Amantis, Volume 2


Confessio Amantis, Volume 2

ISBN: 9781580441797


The complete text of John Gower’s Confessio Amantis is a three-volume edition, including all Latin components – with translations – of this bilingual poem and extensive glosses, bibliography, and explanatory notes. Volume 2 contains Books 2, 3, and 4, which follow in their structure the outline of Vice and its children found in the early French poem the Mirour de l’Omme.


Confessio Amantis

Book 2: Envy
i. On Envy
Sorrow for Another’s Joy
Tale of Acis and Galatea
ii. Joy Over Another’s Grief
Tale of the Travelers and the Angel
iii. Detraction
Tale of Constance
Tale of Demetrius and Perseus
iv. False-Semblant
Tale of Deianira, Hercules, and Nessus
v. Supplantation
Tale of Geta and Amphitrion
Tale of the False Bachelor
Tale of Pope Boniface
vi. The Pallor of Envy
Charity and Pity as Remedy
Tale of Constantine and Sylvester

Book 3: Wrath
i. On Melancholy
Tale of Canace and Machaire
Tale of Tiresias and the Snakes
ii. Contention
Patience of Socrates
Of Jupiter, Juno, and Tiresias
Tale of Phebus and Cornide
Jupiter and Laar
iii. Hate
Tale of King Namplus and the Greeks
iv. Contek and Homicide
Tale of Diogenes and Alexander
Tale of Pyramus and Thisbe
On Daunger
Tale of Phebus and Daphne
Tale of Athemas and Demephon
Tale of Orestes
v. Evil of War
Tale of Alexander and the Pirate
On Crusades
Tale of Telaphus and Teucer

Book 4: Sloth
i. On Lachesce, or Procrastination
Tale of Aeneas and Dido
Tale of Ulysses and Penelope
The Great Clerk Grosseteste
The Foolish Virgins
ii. Pusillamité, or Cowardice
Pygmalion and His Statue
Tale of Iphis and Iante
iii. Forgetfulness
Tale of Demophon and Phyllis
iv. Negligence
Tale of Phaeton
Tale of Icarus
v. Idleness
Tale of Rosiphelee
Tale of Jephthah’s Daughter
vi. Decerte, or Meritoriousness
Tale of Nauplus and Ulysses
Examples of Prowess: Protesilaus
Education of Achilles
Tale of Hercules and Achelons
Penthesilea, Philemenis, Aeneas
vii. On the Uses of Labor
Discoverers and Inventors
Three Philosopher Stones
First Alchemists
Letters and Language
viii. Somnolence
On Dreams
Tale of Ceix and Alceone
Prayer of Cephalus
Tale of Argus and Mercury
ix. Tristesse and Despondency
Tale of Iphis and Araxarathen

Explanatory Notes
Textual Notes
Figure 1, MS Bodley 902, Fol. 8r.

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Russell A. Peck is Professor of English at the University of Rochester. He is currently the editor of the Middle English Texts Series.

Andrew Galloway is Professor of English at Cornell University. He specializes in medieval English literature and its contexts, as well as medieval Latin literature.

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