Codex Ashmole 61: A Compilation of Popular Middle English Verse


Codex Ashmole 61: A Compilation of Popular Middle English Verse

ISBN: 9781580441292


Since its rediscovery by nineteenth-century scholarship, Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Ashmole 61 has never been ignored, though it has also not gained a great deal of notoriety beyond the scholars of Middle English romance. It is hoped that the present volume will encourage study of the entire manuscript as a valuable witness to the devotional habits, cultural values, and popular tastes of late medieval England.


Codex Ashmole 61
1. Saint Eustace
2. Right as a Ram’s Horn
3. How the Wise Man Taught His Son
4. How the Good Wife Taught Her Daughter
5. Sir Isumbras
6. The Ten Commandments
7. Stans Puer ad Mensam
8. Dame Courtesy
9. Latin Epigram
10. The Rules for Purchasing Land
11a. Latin Epigram
11b. Latin Epigram
12. An Evening Prayer
13. A Morning Prayer
14. The Ten Commandments (False Start)
15. A Prayer to Mary
16. The Debate of the Carpenter’s Tools
17. A Prayer at the Levation
18. The Knight Who Forgave His Father’s Slayer
19. The Erle of Tolous
20. Lybeaus Desconus
21. Sir Corneus
22. The Jealous Wife
23. The Incestuous Daughter
24. Sir Cleges
25. The Feasts of All Saints and All Souls
26. The King and His Four Daughters
27. Ypotis
28. The Northern Passion
29. The Short Charter of Christ
30. The Lament of Mary
31. The Dietary
32. Maidstone’s Seven Penitential Psalms
33. Stimulus Consciencie Minor
34. The Stations of Jerusalem
35a. The Sinner’s Lament
35b. The Adulterous Falmouth Squire
36. The Legend of the Resurrection
37. Saint Margaret
38. The Wounds and the Sins
39. Sir Orfeo
40. Vanity
41. King Edward and the Hermit
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George Shuffelton, Professor of English at Carleton College, teaches medieval and early modern literature, with a particular focus on Middle English poetry. He has published work on Chaucer, Gower, Langland, and the representation of minstrels in Middle English poetry.

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