The Medieval Globe: Journal Specifications

Subscription Rates

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  • Individuals only – US$ 35 plus postage (single issue)

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  • Libraries or Institutions – US$ 149

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Purchasing Articles

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Shipping and handling charges for printed issues are:

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  • for the Rest of the World: US$ 25 (up to 4 lbs in weight, approx. 1.8kg)

Content Information

  • Language – English
  • Types of Material – Articles, Review Essays, Scholarly Dialogues, Multi-authored Discussions, Editions or Translations of Source Materials
  • Subjects – Medieval Studies, Area Studies, Global History
  • Readership – Academics, Institutions, Libraries

Reader Accessibility

This journal meets the AA level required by WCAG 2.1, governing accessibility for readers. Further information is provided by our hosting platform.

Bibliographic Metrics

  • ISSN – 2377-3561 (print) or 2377-3553 (online)
  • Author Contact Details – Biography and email at end of article
  • Keywords – End of article
  • Abstract – End of article
  • Editorial Board – 12 members: 8 US (including 2 from host university), 1 Canada, 2 UK, 1 Finland & Estonia
  • Peer-Review – single-blind by Editor-in-Chief; plus reading and evaluation by members of the editorial board (single blind) and by selected expert readers in the author’s field (double-blind)
  • Online Submission
  • Rejection Rate – 75% for unsolicited materials; thematic issues are by invitation of the issue editor
  • Submissions by Country – under 75% US (of which 15% home institution), 10% UK, 10% other Europe; 5% other, including Canada and Australasia
  • Time from Delivery of Final Article to Print – 6-9 months
  • Time from Submission to Decision – 3-6 weeks
  • Citation Indexes – International Medieval Bibliography

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