Issues in Preparation: Early Middle English

Issues of Early Middle English are available for purchase through our worldwide distributor, ISD. Issues in preparation for which contributions are sought include the following:

Issue 1 (2019)

Editors’ welcome and articles by keynotes and participants at the September 2016 Making Early Middle English Conference. Contributions include pieces by Matthieu Boyd (Fairleigh Dickinson), Pinchas Roth (Bar Ilan), Laura Ashe (Oxford), Delbert Russell (Waterloo), Damian Fleming (Purdue-Fort Wayne), Larissa Tracy (Longwood), and Joseph Grossi (Victoria).

Issues 2-6 (2019-21)

Open issues now accepting submissions. Two possible special issues are currently in discussion: one with Michelle Sauer (North Dakota) and Liz Herbert McAvoy (Swansea), coordinated with the 7th International Anchoritic Society conference (28-30 June 2018); and one on “Early Modern Early Middle English” with Sjoerd Levelt (Bilkent), focused on early collecting of manuscripts containing Early Middle English and the early editors of the canon (esp. Dutch antiquarians).

Prospective thematic issues

If you have a proposal for a thematic issue of EME of approximately 40,000 words, please contact the editors or members of the Editorial or Advisory Boards, or speak with a member of the press.