Globalized Medieval Studies

Globalized Medieval Studies at Illinois

Founded in 2001, the Program in Medieval Studies at the University of Illinois was created to foster the interdisciplinary study of medieval Europe and the Mediterranean. In 2011, under the leadership of its new director, Professor Charles D. Wright, the Program underwent a major global reconfiguration, embracing the study of co-eval cultures across the world and adding affiliated faculty specializing in East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. In 2012, it hosted a conference on “The Medieval Globe: Communication, Connectivity, and Exchange” which inspired the founding of The Medieval Globe.  Articles derived from this conference will be published in the second issue of TMG (volume 2.1)  in 2015.

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Resources for Globalized Medieval Studies

The Medieval Globe aspires to be the journal of record for an emerging community of scholars invested in new approaches to the study of the medieval word. The links below connect to some of the initiatives that are advancing a globalized vision of medieval studies. Please contact us if you would like to have your project or program linked to our site.

Global Middle Ages (G-MAP)
Global and Postglobal Perspectives on Medieval Art and Art History
The Middle Ages in the Wider World a new collaborative research and teaching initiative at the University of California