The Medieval Globe, Volume 3.2 (2017)


ISBN-13: 9781641891264
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Contributions to a global understanding of the medieval period need not encompass the globe in any territorial sense. The Medieval Globe advances a new theory and praxis of medieval studies by bringing into view phenomena that have been rendered practically or conceptually invisible by anachronistic boundaries, categories, and expectations: these include polities, networks, affinity groups, artistic influences, identities, bodies of knowledge, faiths, and forms of association.


Special Issue: Reassessing the “Global Turn” in Medieval Art

“Editor’s Introduction” – Christina Normore

“A Camel’s Pace: A Cautionary Global” – Bonnie Cheng

“The Fatimid Holy City: Rebuilding Jerusalem in the Eleventh Century” – Jennifer Pruitt

“Worldliness in Byzantium and Beyond: Reassessing the Visual Networks of Barlaam and Ioasaph” – Cecily J. Hilsdale

“Exchange of Sacrifices: West Africa in the Medieval World of Goods” – Sarah Guérin

“The Beryozovo Cup: A Byzantine Object at the Crossroads of the Twelfth-Century Medieval World” – Alicia Walker

“Spiritualized Warfare and Christian-Muslim Encounters in a Medieval Dagger” – Heather Badamo

“Global Medieval at the “End of the Silk Road,” circa 756 CE: The Shōsō-in Collection in Japan” – Jun Hu

“Response Medievalists and Early Modernists: A World Divided?” – Lia Markey and Jessica Keating