The Medieval Globe, Volume 7.1 (2021)


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Carol Symes

The Medieval Globe is published biannually, in both print and digital formats.

Special issue: The Global North: Spaces, Connections and Networks before 1600


Introduction by Carol Symes
Contesting Marginality: The Boreal Forest of Middle Scandinavia and the Worlds Outside by Karl-Johan Lindholm, Erik Ersmark, Andreas Hennius, Sakarias Lindgren,
Kjetil Loftsgarden, and Eva Svensson
Archaeological Evidence for Staraya Lagoda as an Early Scandinavian Emporium of the Global North by Natalia Grigoreva
Gunhild’s Cross and the North Atlantic Trade Sphere by Robyn Barrow
The Far North in the Eyes of Adam of Bremen and the Anonymous Author of the Historia Norwegie by Tatjana N. Jackson
The Multi-Layered Spatiality of the Global North: Spatial References and Spatial Constructions in Medieval East Norse Literature by Alexandra Petrulevich
Military Migration in the Baltic Sea Region, ca. 1400–1650 by Martin Neuding Skoog
Old and New Land in the North and West: The North Atlantic on the Medieval Globe around 1500 by Felicitas Schmieder