Early Middle English, Volume 3.2 (2021)


ISBN-13: 9781641894999

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Adrienne Williams Boyarin

Early Middle English is devoted to English literature, its production, and its contexts ca. 1100–1350. EME takes a wide view of this lively period of literary experimentation, linguistic change, and multilingual interaction in England. It promotes scholarship in Early Middle English language and literature; the multicultural, international, and multilingual contexts of Early Middle English (including studies that make explicit how such research affects modern understanding of global politics and cultures); British manuscript studies ca. 1100–1350; the backgrounds, scholarly history, and afterlives of Early Middle English; theoretical interventions in areas such as gender, sexuality, race, disability, new materialism, ecocriticism, and interdisciplinary analysis; and the creation or assessment of new resources. EME publishes essays, editions, and, in its “Pece 7 Oþer” (piece-by-piece) section, short-form contributions to research on the Early Middle English period.

Early Middle English is published biannually, in both print and digital formats.