A Companion to Global Queenship

This collection brings together case studies of premodern queenship in a truly global comparative context, highlighting the vitally important place that women occupied at the heart of the realm.


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Elena Woodacre

This collection expands previous regional and individual studies of queenship and female political agency in order to engage in a comparative study of premodern female rule on a global scale. While the field of queenship studies and examinations of gender and power have been flourishing, the literature has tended to be dominated by studies of European royalty. This volume aims to embrace and develop the trend towards an increasingly global outlook for the field of queenship studies. Case studies of women from different periods, places, and religions are deliberately mixed to compare and contrast the realities of queenship in varied settings. Lesser studied examples of queens are provided alongside fresh perspectives on more familiar figures and regions. The authors increase our understanding of understudied individuals and groups of queens, and they encourage the comparison of the practice of queenship in the premodern era. This authoritative and comprehensive Companion will be required reading for all scholars and students of premodern gender and political studies.


Chapter 1: Introduction: Placing Queenship into a Global Context
Elena Woodacre
SECTION I: Perceptions of Regnant Queenship
Chapter 2: When the Emperor is a woman: the case of Wu Zetian 武則天 (624-705), the ‘Emulator of Heaven’.
Elisabetta Colla
Chapter 3: Tamar of Georgia (1184-1213) and the Language of Female Power
Lois Huneycutt
Chapter 4: Regnant Queenship and Royal Marriage between the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem and the Nobility of Western Europe
Hayley Bassett
Chapter 5: Queenship and Female Authority in The Sultanate of Delhi (1206 -1526 AD)
Jyoti Phulera
Chapter 6: Anna Jagiellon: A Female Political Figure in the Early Modern Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Katarzyna Kosior
Chapter 7: Female Rule in Imperial Russia: Is Gender a Useful Category of Historical Analysis?
Orel Beilinson
Chapter 8: The Transformation of an Island Queen: Queen Béti of Madagascar
Jane Hooper
Chapter 9: Female Rangatira in Aotearoa New Zealand
Aidan Norrie
SECTION II: Practicing Co-rulership
Chapter 10: The Social-Political Roles of the Princess in Kyivan Rus’, ca. 945-1240
Talia Zajac
Chapter 11: Impressions of Welsh Queenship in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries
Danna Messer
Chapter 12: Queen Zaynab al-Nafzawiyya and the Building of a Mediterranean Empire in the Eleventh Century Maghreb
Inês Lourinho
Chapter 13: al-Dalfa’ and the Political Role of the umm al-walad in the Late Umayyad Caliphate of al-Andalus.
Ana Miranda
Chapter 14: The Khitan Empress Dowagers Yingtian and Chengtian in Liao China, 907-1125
Hang Lin
Chapter 15: Dowager Queens and Royal Succession in Premodern Korea
SeoKyung Han
Chapter 16: The Ambiguities of Female Rule in Nayaka South India, Seventeenth-Eighteenth Centuries
Lennart Bes
SECTION III: Breaking Down Boundaries: Comparative Studies of Queenship
Chapter 17: Helena’s Heirs: Two Eighth Century Queens
Stefany Wragg
Chapter 18: The Hohenstaufen women and the Differences between Aragonese and Greek Queenship Models.
Lledó Ruiz Domingo
Chapter 19: The ‘honourable ladies’ of Nasrid Granada: Female Power and Agency in the Alhambra (1400-1450)
Ana Echevarría & Roser Salicrú i Lluch
Chapter 20: Comparing the French Queen Regent and the Ottoman Validé Sultan during the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
Reneé Langlois
Chapter 21: Queens and Courtesans in Japan and Early-Modern France
Tracy Adams and Iain Fookes
Chapter 22: The Figure of the Queen Mother in the European and African Monarchies, 1400-1800
Diana Pelaz Flores