Medieval Media and Culture

Medieval Media and Culture responds to a vibrant contemporary research field by foregrounding ways in which individuals interacted with written, visual, dramatic, and material media in medieval and early modern cultures. It seeks to illuminate and contextualize particular aspects of medieval culture through in-depth, insightful examination, and in so doing, to shed light on the ways in which the social may be revealed through the cultural.

This new series puts medieval media in context, and considers its contemporary consumption and interpretation, and how we interact with and understand its remnants as modern audiences.  In this way, the series looks back to medieval and early modern pasts and forward to our own societies and cultures.


Geographical Scope

Medieval Europe

Chronological Scope

Most projects will concern medieval and early-modern cultures


Literacy, history of the book, audiences, visual culture, material culture, mediality, sensory, emotion, cultural production

Proposals Welcome

The series welcomes proposals for monographs and essay collections in the fields of text production and interaction, literacy studies, mediality, medieval audiences, material culture, visual culture, literature, and musi

Titles Published

All published in hardback and PDF, sometimes paperback and/or ePub format.

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Series Editors

evaluations undertaken on a case-by-case basis by appropriate experts