Manuscript Submission

Authors of a monograph, or editors of a collection of essays or a classroom text, are invited to submit either a completed manuscript or a proposal for a future volume. In either case the first step is to complete a standard Proposal Form, which provides the press with the basic data on you and the volume, so that we and an appropriate editorial board can make an initial evaluation. To understand the steps in the evaluation process, please see The Publishing Process.

You will notice in the Proposal Form that there are two areas where you as author or editor propose information but then it will have to be ratified by the Commissioning Editor, and in these areas the press retains the ultimate decision.

First, the title and subtitle: for marketing and visibility reasons (since librarians suffer a surfeit of information today) the press’s strict policy is for the main title to comprise essential keywords so that the book “does what it says on the tin.” In other words, we would welcome a title like Viking Brooches in the Danelaw, but would not approve a title like Continuity and Change: Viking Brooches in the Danelaw.

Second, images: we allow almost limitless black and white images, provided that the author has gained permissions and paid any fees to the copyright holder, and can deliver the images to us in a suitable digital resolution. However, the number of color images is limited, for cost reasons. We will acquiesce to color images, when the scholarly argument requires color, but not for esthetic reasons.

Proposal for a New Book Series

Scholars who wish to propose a new book series are invited to contact the Director of Arc to outline the concept and to request a Series Proposal Form. Please consult the individual focuses of the respective presses to gauge if the proposed series fits the editorial directions each press is taking.