A Companion to the Global Early Middle Ages

This companion analyzes the different ways in which societies from Oceania to Europe and beyond were connected in the period 600-900 CE.


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Erik Hermans

Erik Hermans (PhD, Institute for the Study of the Ancient World at NYU) is an independent scholar and a humanities teacher at Whittle School and Studios in Washington, DC.

This companion introduces the connections between early medieval societies that have previously been studied in isolation. By bringing together nineteen experts on different regions across the globe, from Oceania to Europe and beyond, it transcends conventional disciplinary boundaries and synthesizes parallel historiographical narratives. The period 600-900 CE witnessed important historical developments, such as the establishment of a Southeast Asian thalassocracy by the Shailendra dynasty and the expansion of the Frankish polity under Charlemagne on the far ends of Eurasia and the consolidation of the Abbasid and Tang empires in between. A Companion to the Global Early Middle Ages integrates these contemporaneous processes and presents new insights into a neglected phase of world history.