Why Publish With Us

5 Reasons to Publish with the Smartest and the Edgiest of the “Big 5” Medieval Publishers

Reason 1: Knowledgeable Academic Support from Top-Down

  • The Directors at AUP and ARC are scholars in their own right (in early Syriac Christianity, and late medieval Latin preaching, respectively)
  • Peer-reviewing is undertaken in strict conformity to standards set by the Association of American University Presses
  • All proposals and manuscripts require approval by series editors or an editorial board of four to six working members, normally from three or more countries (who are supported by an acquisitions editor appointed by the press)
  • Acquisitions editors provide technical support for each author; they are themselves typically medievalists or scholars with advanced degrees, and in some cases senior professors
  • Where contracts are issued pending subsequent successful peer reviewing, the respective editorial board appoints one of its academic members as a “shepherd” to mentor and assist the author with completing the definitive manuscript.

Reason 2: Pre-Press & Technical Expertise

  • In-house prepress department in Amsterdam, paralleled by Arc’s own team, with experts—not businessmen—setting the standards in copyediting and design
  • All copyediting is undertaken by native-speaking specialists (almost all former graduates in medieval studies); work is not outsourced beyond our own team of experts
  • Unique “gatekeeping process” by a designated specialist assists authors in supplying suitable text and images, conforming to Chicago style
  • Simultaneous publication in several continents, reducing costs and preventing delays in shipping
  • Automated stock replenishment system whereby warehouses are permanently kept stocked with each title, for as long as demand exists
  • Seamless workflow from print to e-book to Open Access
  • Streamlined, fully online system that allows publication within 6-9 months of the definitive manuscript having been delivered after peer reviewing

Reason 3: Truly Global Promotion

  • Promotion, marketing, and fulfillment contracts cover North America with ISD based in Connecticut (for Arc titles) and University of Chicago Press (AUP)
  • Integrated promotion, marketing, and fulfillment across Europe through an academic marketing team at Amsterdam and warehousing in the UK
  • Both the commercial director and head of marketing in Amsterdam have extensive experience in East Asia and ASEAN countries (with local agents and partners in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, and elsewhere)
  • Attendance at dozens of medieval meetings, including national medieval associations’ annual meetings in Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Australasia
  • Unsurpassed, constantly updated mailing list of over 15,000 medievalists worldwide from the International Congress on Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo

Reason 4: Supporting Scholars in Delivering Social Impact

  • Global medieval studies blog and other community-building initiatives outside the academy
  • Close association with medievalists.net who maintain unrivaled reach beyond academia
  • Active support via CARMEN for collaborative research projects (e.g., Battlefields series and project on cultural heritage)
  • Podcast interviews with medievalists available via “Digital Scriptorium TV” channel on YouTube
  • Global Library Development Program channeling stock (including that from partners, incl. the University of Toronto Press and Scholars Choice) to build specialist libraries for medievalists in Latin America and Eastern Europe, where up-to-date scholarship in English is lacking
  • Internship program at Kalamazoo’s Medieval Institute comprising career-development training for medieval (post)graduate students at Western Michigan University

Reason 5: Commitment to both Digital Humanities and Open Access

  • Digital Humanities (CDH) series
  • Key users of the OAPEN Library and ScholarWorks, and a supplier to Knowledge Unlatched
  • Published material made available immediately to authors as Green Open Access for “self-archiving” on institutional repositories and academia.edu
  • Delayed OA with default 12 to 24-month embargo
  • Gold OA option for monographs as well as articles