Endorsements of the Press

The books I’ve seen from ARC are really fresh and lively which is all down to hard work in a cut throat business.

John Thompson, Emeritus Professor, Queen’s University Belfast and Senior Research Fellow at University of Glasgow

[T]he Encyclopedia of the Global Middle Ages [is] a new reference work written by an international group of scholars and commissioned by Arc Humanities Press. […] The scope of Encyclopedia of the Global Middle Ages is global, with articles on Kosovo, Korea, Ethiopia, Oceania, Delhi, and the Maya. This inclusivity contrasts with older seminal works[…]. [Its] content is diverse and eye-opening.

Michael Rodriguez, Collections Strategist, University of Connecticut, Storrs [published review]

ARC Humanities Press is really impressive.

Ruth Evans, Dorothy McBride Orthwein Professor of English, Saint Louis University

The volume looks beautiful and as I believe I’ve mentioned to you in the past, [the honoree] would have been absolutely delighted to have it come out as an open access text since he was an early adopter of and an ardent proponent of open access.

It has been a real pleasure working with you on this project; I’ve very much appreciated your professionalism and that of your colleagues with whom I’ve also worked. From my perspective, this has been a great experience all around. Ruth Kennedy did a splendid job on the design of the volume and she proved to be a very careful and sharp-eyed production manager, which I greatly appreciated.

Mark C. Amodio, Professor of English, Vassar College