Open Access

Arc Humanities Press and Amsterdam University Press share a twofold digital policy: (i) in being fully Open Access compliant in the books it publishes; and (ii) in developing a portfolio of major digital humanities resources. Monographs and thematic collections published since 2015 (and backlist titles for which we have permissions) are available online at

Gold Open Access


We offer Gold Open Access for monographs and thematic collections. Gold Open Access is not available for classroom texts, critical editions, or reference works.

Books published under the Gold Open Access model will be made immediately available on publication. An Pdf version of the published book, downloadable for free, will be placed on the Scholarworks site, hosted by Western Michigan University.

For Gold Open Access we require the payment of a book processing charge, to cover publication costs and to offset the anticipated lower revenue from book sales. Our book processing charge for Gold Open Access is $8500. A higher fee may apply for books which require an exceptional level of production input (your acquisitions editor will be able to advise you on this).

We recommend the CC BY-NC-ND licence, which we think is the most suitable Creative Commons licence for humanities monographs, and which many authors prefer.

In addition to making Gold Open Access books freely available for download, we will also produce print and ebook versions for sale. Royalties on sales of print copies and ebooks will be payable in the standard way. Open Access titles receive the same high standard of peer review, copy-editing and marketing as all our other titles.

Journal articles and book chapters

A Gold Open Access article processing charge of $850 applies to journal articles and book chapters.

Delayed Open Access

An intermediate option between Gold and Green is Delayed Open Access where the embargo period is reduced to less than 24 months. To reduce the embargo to 18 months, a fee of $2500 for a book or $250 for an article is chargeable (and proportionately more for shorter embargos).

Green Open Access

We make all chapters and articles from monographs and thematic collections available on our Scholarworks Open Access platform. This takes place 24 months from the date of publication. It does not apply, however, to classroom texts, critical editions, or reference works.

Further, we are happy for authors to post a pdf version of their published book, chapter or journal article online, on a non-commercial site only (for example a personal website or institutional repository). This need not be subject to the 24-month embargo period.