Exhibit Schedule

Association of Asian Studies Conference | Toronto, Canada | March 16–19, 2018
Attending: AUP

Renaissance Society of America Annual Conference | New Orleans, LA | March 22–24, 2018
Attending: Erika GaffneyISD

Shakespeare Association of America Annual Conference | Los Angeles, CA | March 28–31, 2018
Attending: Scholar’s Choice

Global Digital Humanities Symposium | East Lansing, MI | March 22–23, 2018
Attending: Ilse Schweitzer

London Book Fair | London, UK | April 10-12, 2018
Attending: Malcolm Campbell, Anne Nolan, AUP

Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study | Los Angeles, CA | May 2–5, 2018
Attending: TBD

International Congress on Medieval Studies | Kalamazoo, MI | May 10–13, 2018
Attending: Danièle Cybulskie, Maria Johnson, Ilse Schweitzer, ISD

North American Patristics Society | Chicago, IL | May 24–26, 2018
Attending: ISD

Digital Humanities Congress | Mexico City, Mexico | June 24–30, 2018
Attending: TBD

International Medieval Congress | Leeds, UK | July 2–5, 2018
Attending: Tyler ClohertyDanièle Cybulskie, Erin Dailey, Simon Forde, Anne Nolan, AUP

Kings & Queens (Ruling Sexualities), Royal Studies Network | Winchester, UK | July 9–12, 2018
Attending: Simon Forde or Anne Nolan

ICAS (International Convention of Asia Scholars) | Chiang Mai, Thailand | July 20–23, 2018
Attending: AUP

British Association for Chinese Studies (BACS) | Glasgow, UK | September 7–9, 2018
Attending: AUP

Frankfurt Buchmesse | Frankfurt/M, Germany | October 10-14, 2018
Attending: Malcolm Campbell

Middle Period Chinese Humanities | Leiden, Netherlands | September 14–17, 2018
Attending: AUP

Sixteenth Century Studies Conference | Albuquerque, NM | November 1–4, 2018
Attending: Erika Gaffney, Scholar’s Choice


Byzantine Studies Conference
Attending: Simon Forde

Central Eurasian Studies Society
Attending: Scholar’s Choice

German Studies Association
Attending: Scholar’s Choice, ISD

Society for the Scientific Study of Religion/Religious Research Assoc./Mormon Social Science Assoc.
Attending: Scholar’s Choice

American Folklore Society
Attending: Scholar’s Choice

Midwest Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association
Attending: Scholar’s Choice

Southeastern College Art Conference
Attending: Scholar’s Choice

SAEMED (Sociedad Argentina de Estudios Medievales) | Buenos Aires, Argentina | September (attend on even years)
Materials Available at Conference

Taiwan Association of Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies | Taiwan | October (attend on odd years)
Attending: Simon Forde

Southeastern Medieval Association (SEMA) | Nassau, Bahamas | November 8–10, 2018
Attending: TBD

ANZAMEMS (Australian and New Zealand Medieval and Early Modern Studies) conference | TBD | 2019 (biennial)
Attending: TBD

Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies conference | Phoenix, AZ | February, 2019
Attending: Ilse Schweitzer

CAA College Art Association Annual Conference | TBD | February, 2019
Attending: ISD

International Society of Anglo-Saxonists | Albuquerque, NM | 2019 (biennial)
Attending: Ilse Schweitzer