August 2017

Demons in the Middle Ages Q&A

What is the book about? The book looks at different ways that demons were understood in medieval Europe, from the era of the New Testament texts to the time of the witch hunts in the early modern era, so approximately 1500 years. You say the book is about demons, but what exactly are demons? Many cultures around the world include demons, or evil spirits, within their cosmologies. This book is focused on Western Christian culture, so the demons it discusses are those of Christian theology. In this belief system, demons are understood to have been created as good angels, which...

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The Biggest Kingdom in Medieval Europe (that you’ve never heard of!)

By territory, what is the biggest kingdom in Medieval Europe? France England Germany (German Empire) Byzantium (Roman Empire) None of the above If you answered “5” you are correct! While England and France are the two most well studied medieval kingdoms among American and Anglophone medievalists, they are not the largest by territory. This is despite the specificity they get on maps in modern textbooks. It is also not the German Empire which did cover a swath of central medieval Europe. Nor is it the Byzantine (Roman) Empire which for most of the Middle Ages was shrinking, not growing, in...

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