February 2017

Drolleries and the Juvenilia of the Harley 2253 Scribe

As I worked on editing and translating the verse and prose contents of MS Harley 2253, a recurring pleasure and intrigue rested in trying to spot the literary tricks of a playful and instructive scribe. He certainly shows a penchant for linking poems of disparate types by finding (or adding) verbal repetitions to endings and beginnings. He also likes to juxtapose wryly matched items by setting them side by side on the page. And he loves puns and multilingual jokes. We can’t really know why he toyed with these maneuvers, but, in reading Harley 2253 straight through, we can discover...

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Happy St. Valentine’s Day with a Q&A with Chaucer, LVGC

Again this year we, Medieval Institute Publications, and Middle English Text Series in Rochester are joining forces to countdown to LGVC’s wonderful #WhanThatAprilleDay celebration! To begin our countdown and a Valentine to all our readers, we bring our interview with LGVC himself! Are there any specific rewritings of your works you would recommend? Patience Agbabi’s Telling Tales ys a brilliant, sharp, exuberant remix of my Tales of Caunterburye. Thys booke of poemes doth go tale for tale, genre for genre. Agbabi’s verse doth honor my werke and yet steppe biyond yt ynto newe places and tymes. As Ich am tryinge...

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February 7, 2017

MIP-Arc Humanities Press will be represented at many conferences over the next few months. Come and meet Theresa Whitaker at the ANZAMEMS conference (Wellington, NZ) next week, Erika Gaffney at the College Art Association meeting (New York) and the Renaissance Society of America meeting (Chicago), Shannon Cunningham at the Association for Asian Studies meeting (Toronto) and Simon Forde at the Medieval Academy of America annual meeting also in Toronto. Erin Dailey, Dymphna Evans and Anne Nolan are attending a range of conferences in the UK and Europe. Meanwhile, our distribution partners, ISD will attend five conferences for MIP in the...

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