Arc Humanities Press (Arc) operates as a specialist ALP (“academic-led press”), with a focus on premodern studies. It was established as the publishing arm of the learned society for medieval studies worldwide, CARMEN Worldwide Medieval Network, and comprises a dozen acquisitions and publishing experts from around the world.

Arc works in partnership with Amsterdam University Press (AUP), thereby offering all the advantages of continental Europe’s largest university press, including worldwide distribution, whilst offering authors the benefits of dealing with its own highly motivated team of medieval and early modern specialists.

All publications are fully peer-reviewed, evaluated in turn by both Arc and AUP before being allowed to enter production. Arc specializes in global pre-modern history, reference books, and public understanding of the past, as well as “edgy” research into medieval and early modern studies. Arc contracts and publishes about forty scholarly titles a year in late antique, medieval, and early modern studies, and in related humanities research such as digital humanities and cultural heritage.

Arc Humanities Press publishes scholarly research across premodern interdisciplinary studies from its registered  office in Yorkshire. It takes in the late antique, medieval, and early modern periods from a global perspective; area studies (within and beyond Europe); digital humanities; and research that fosters better public engagement in, and understanding, of the past and the links the premodern world has with the contemporary world. It aims to publish “edgy” research into medieval and early-modern studies. Among its other functions, Arc Humanities Press operates as the dedicated publishing house for the learned society for medievalists, the CARMEN Worldwide Medieval Network. By sharing the global perspective of CARMEN and the latest international collaborative research projects, Arc Humanities Press publishes cutting-edge work that links research into the past with today’s world.

Arc offers its authors rigorous acceptance standards, rapid turn-round times, newest digital outputs, including full Open Access compliance, and global distribution.

ISD in Bristol CT is the marketing and distribution agent for institutional customers for MIP and Arc Humanities titles in North America.

Amsterdam University Press is the marketing and distribution agent for MIP and Arc Humanities titles outside North America. MIP and Arc Humanities books are available worldwide (excl. North America) through NBN International in Plymouth, UK, website.

AUP’s representatives in Asia include China Publications Services (China), MAYA Publishers PVT Ltd (India) and Tim Burland (Japan).